How to Mix the Color you want!


Join me Saturday, March 1st, to take advantage of my 21 years of color mixing experience. Expect to walk away from this class with all the information you need to mix the color you see.


Class will begin with an introduction to color theory and an explanation of how to navigate around the color wheel.  We will quickly move from theory to mixing in the real world with the colors available to artists today.  By understanding the three attributes of color you will gain the understanding you need to mix any color with confidence.  We will do a lot of color mixing to make sure the information is absorbed.


Class is Saturday, March 1st, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm



Ages: Teen to Adult


(Lunch provided)


Supplies: bring all your paints Oils or Acrylics.  

               I will supply palettes & palette knives for mixing paint.

               Paints can be provided for an additional $10


Location 308 First St, Henderson, KY


Cost is $78.00


Email me to enroll


308 First Street, Henderson, Kentucky